A. Contact Us
Fill out our contact form, send us an email or simply call.  We will promptly respond.

B. Introduction
The first stage in the process is to meet with you.  During this meeting we will determine what type of online package your company desires.  We work closely with all of our clients to ensure everything is to their specifications.

C. Proposal
Once we have determined what type of online package you need we can provide a very competitive proposal.

D. Development

After the proposal has been accepted the design and development can begin.  We will share ideas and finalize a design for your web site.  You will be able to make revisions and offer input during this stage. 

E. Going Live
Once your web site is complete and you have given the final approval, we are ready to publish to the Internet.  We will choose a hosting or maintenance plan that fits your web site’s needs during this stage. 

F. Lasting Support
We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience.  It is our intention to build a lasting business relationship with you and hope you are encouraged to use us again.